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Scaffolding Hire Services

We are scaffolders for you. Give us a call today for scaffolding hire with Johnsons Scaffolding

What can we do for you!

We are a scaffolding company that works around you. If you are a building, renovation or maintenance company then our scaffolding will help you complete your job.

We provide all the scaffolding and experience needed including scaffolding boards, scaffolding towers and if you want any other type of scaffolding then give us a call today.

Johnsons Scaffolding can help you meet your scaffolding needs in London and Essex. Some of the locations we have worked in the past include Basildon, London, Ilford, Romford, Southen-on-sea, Dartford, Croydon, Watford, Twickenham, Hounslow, Edgware, Hemel Hempstead among many others. So if you need scaffolding then give us a call today.

Our Scaffolding Hire Services

We provide a wide array of scaffolding services. Have a look below to see what type of scaffolding you need.

Access Scaffolding

Access Scaffolding will be erected in places that you can not usually get to such as a roof or the side of a building. Scaffolding allows you to get to the area and have a safe platform to work from making you and your client better off.

Refurbishment Scaffolding

Some people are looking for that all in one solution. Here at Johnsons Scaffolding, we work with Johnsons Building. We can do the building work as well, just ask.

This can make the process easier with only one contact and one company to work with.

Full Encapsulation Scaffolding

Full Encapsulation of buildings may be needed to reduce the effect of the environment on the inside stopping rain, wind and other dirt from getting in or out. Can also be used to show a professional look from the outside.

Temporary Roof Scaffolding

On projects where the roof may be open then a temporary roof can provide the protection from the weather like rain. A metal roof will be placed over the building preventing water from getting in and stopping any damage that may occur or just allowing you to do the work needed no matter the weather.

Hoarding Scaffolding

Some projects in high footfall areas or where there is an open worksite may need hoarding. This is a fence around the site providing security and a nicer view for those outside while also making a safer environment for people just walking by. 

Demolition Scaffolding

Not all buildings need to be improved, some need to be demolished. When the structure of the building is no longer safe having a platform to safely work and provide an emergency exit is needed then scaffolding is your answer.

Let’s talk about your project?